Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Raindrops Keep Falling

Festival season is nearly upon us and as any good festival goer knows that all you really need to survive the glut of overpriced noodles, overflowing toilets and shock downpours is a decent raincoat.  This year I will be taking inspiration from Singing in the Rain, and argue the case of the yellow PVC mac.  Yellow is often accused of being unflattering as, against a rather pale, British complexion, it can leave one looking dull and washed out.  Yet if ever there was a time for yellow PVC, festival season is surely it; sunny in colour, highly practical as a beacon to locate friends or a stray tent and most importantly you will be the envy of every plastic poncho clad lesser mortal around you!

Rubberised fabric or the ‘Macintosh’ goes back to 1824 and was patented in none other than sunny Scotland, home of our very own Armstrongs.  Luckily for us the manufacturers quickly overcame the product’s rather unusual smell, stiffness and tendency to melt in high temperatures and a fashion staple was born.

The little yellow stunner above will be available on Armstrongs Ebay from 9pm Sunday 30th April however if you are a little more country heritage than psychedelic rubber here is a wee selection of some of our super sexy Barbours and wax jackets.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Competition time!

Competition time!  In the name of all things Mad Men we’re looking to give away a set of super cute retro floral dish cloths.  Just to run with the cooking theme we thought we’d go with a Betty Draper inspired kitchen get up.  Send us a Facebook message with your images of you and your friends in your favourite retro ensembles cooking up a storm of prawn cocktails, pies and trifles for a chance to win all of these little beauties.  Photos will be exhibited on our online gallery (OK, the Armstrongs Blog) and just to show you that we too love to make fools of ourselves, we will be following suit and documenting our own cooking disasters as well...