Friday, 13 April 2012

Set For Flight

We often get some beautiful Aviator Jacket in stock, and these two are no exception. They both encompass the style and feel of the originals so perfectly, while still looking fresh and modern today. The classic men's aviator jacket that we currently have in stock is a classic example of what makes aviator jackets so great, with buckles at the neck, for keeping out the cold. It available from our ebay story here. The Women's jacket on the right is made by Lakeland, and is such a wearable and quality piece of clothing. It can be found at our ebay store, here.

The design for this classic style was driven from utility and necessity and has slowly developed into an iconic design. Designed to be worn in open planes, they were longer in style, and were designed to keep in as much heat as possible! The picture, left, is a photo of a WW1 pilot. They were later lined in fur, and then sheepskin, which is the style that has prevailed. So much history and tradition are wrapped up in these jackets, and they instantly evoke a certain style and look.  

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