Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Royal Jubilee-tion

As the Queen gets ready to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, we thought we'd have a little rummage for some Royal worthy Vintage. And boy did we find some gems! Crowns not included (sorry!).

We think it's possible that the queen has the very same blue jacket (top right)! We found her in a strikingly similar top...hmmm!

Every Queen looks good in a sash, and Elizabeth is no exception. We think she'd like ours, don't you?

Looking Queenly is all about embellishment! The queen is looking regal and cool in her state robes. We've added a little embellishment in her honour.  Her curls look like they're holding the crown up on their own!

You can search all of our Regal Royal Vintage at our ebay store. *Stately wave*. Farewell!

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