Monday, 21 May 2012

Armstrongs Street View X3

Have we found Vivienne Westwood's long lost granddaughter? Iona Roberts describes her look as arty/shabby/electric and she obviously knows her own style as well as Johnny Rotten knew how to be a little bit of a pest. An 18 year old art student, Iona pulls of this collage of striped print leggings, miliatary stryle parka, doc marten boots and anarchic hair with effortless ease!

 Welcome to Edinburgh, Ellen Relander. The style of this international exchange student is certainly not lost in translation! We love her aubergine brocade coat with its sweet, round patch pockets, and her Doc Marten boots equip her perfectly for the cobblestones of the Edinburgh streets.

 17 year old student, Erin Chrystal, says her best vintage find is this £3 jacket she is wearing right now! We love the old-school look of a classic blazer with a leather satchel and we like to think she's carrying some books on ancient history...

Navigating his way through the wild waters of the Armstrongs Grassmarket store is 24 year old journalist Hugh Morris who describes his style as wirey / navy / beardy. He is dressed for adventures at sea with his neatly buttoned navy pea coat and boat shoes. We encouraged him to steer towards the colourful reef of fabric creatures throughout the shop, sailing past the sequin scaled tropical fish and the tulle jellyfish on his way to find treasure!

Mix a spoonful of Betty Boop, three slices of BeetleJuice and a dollop of Cruella De'Ville in a blender and you'll get this delicious outfit worn by sales advisior Abbie Graham! She pulls together an eclectic mix of skinny jeans, leopard print flats, a bold black and white striped blazer and a luxuriously fluffy stole. Abbie's best vintage find is a mohair cardigan from Armstrongs for £5!

Bryony Woods discovered exactly what she was looking for before she even stepped into the store and snapped up this cute green dress in an instant, straight off the mannequin!

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