Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Danananananana BATMAN!

Get into the Batman spirit this week with a black cape, leather trousers or a sheepskin coat from our Ebay store. Here are a few of our Dark Knight inspired favourites...

Batman wears a stylish super-slim-fit bat suit made from a polyester mesh with flexible urethane plates. He's not afraid to wear a onesie playsuit in public!

Bane models this beautiful shearling sheepskin jacket and has popped the collar to suit his tough-guy look. He certainly pulls off 'animalistic-chic' with this worn and distressed coat complete with analgesic gas mask and thick military gilet.

Make way for Selina Kyle on the catwalk! She models a slick spandex suit embossed with a hexagonal pattern and accessorised with a cat-burglar belt of tools, gadgets and a pocket for her stolen pearls!

You can find these items listed on our ebay site here. Thanks to costume designer Lindy Hemming for the inspiration.

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