Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Gold Medal Look

This week everyone was watching these lovely ladies... 

... GB women’s beach volleyball team.  It was what was going on between matches that caught my eye however!

These 1950s dancing beach beauties stole the show and highlighted a few flaws in the skimpier swimwear of today.  If you don’t believe me just take a look at the stylometer below which clearly states that beachwear peaked circa 1954.

Post 1940s austerity we saw the gentle emergence of a more feminine, softer shoulder shape, a nipped in waist and, dare I say it in a double dip recession, a hint of luxury.  Corset manufacturers cottoned on to this; they had a bit of time on their hands as no one was wearing their products anymore!  They saw a market for something a little more revealing that would still cunningly disguise any lumps and bumps.  Bra cups, boning and stretch tummy panels were employed to create the new look and the costume was cut across the top of the leg to conceal the crotch in a style prudishly named ‘the modesty apron’.

I looked out a few ways that you could channel 1950s luxury on the beach this summer from our Clerk Street store.

What will you accessorise yours with?

Just in case the boys were feeling left out...

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