Thursday, 13 September 2012

Go West...ern

...Sung The Pet Shop Boys in 1993, Dolly Parton had it right with this fab combo a decade later.   As if this wasn’t enough to make you want to run to the darkest depths of your wardrobe and flick the dust off your fringed suede, Dallas is back!  This is not all however; Tarantino and Jamie Fox are on board bringing out a new take on a spaghetti western with Django Unchained in December.  So, just because we deal in retro clothes, i.e. items that are now so out of fashion that they have made the complete circuit back again, never let it be said that Armstrongs is not ahead of the game!  Since the unleashing of The Great Gatsby in cinemas and hen parties around the world has now been postponed until summer 2013 and Anna Karenina is not perhaps the easiest of day to day style icons I have decided to concentrate my attention on the Western.

To prove my point further take a look at what (and who) I spotted in The Grassmarket Armstrongs this week.

Finally, I should just like to mention that the V & A’s Hollywood Costume exhibition will be opening in October.  I shall be attending it with shirt corners on!


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