Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Matching Mink

Last week I was lucky enough to be contradicted on every one of my Ebay fur listings, it turned out there is a lot more than I thought to distinguishing sable from stoat and marten from mink.  Who would have thought that ermine and weasel was in fact the same animal!  I find it somewhat amusing that the ceremonial royal parliamentary robes are in fact trimmed with common and garden stoat, ermine just sounds so much more regal.

So I would like to say a huge thank you Lisa for all of her identification help, I thought that Ebay was just an anonymous pit but it seems that against the odds connections can be made!  So, in the spirit of sharing, here is a snippet of the information sent to me this week and a selection of mink furs currently on our Ebay shop for you to practice your Inspector Poirot skills on.


* Mahogany – Deep, dark brown
* Demi-buff (Lunaraine) – Medium to light deep brown
* Autumn Haze – Light brown to beige
* Glacial – White (not pure white) with a gold tint
* Arcturus – Light beige with a subtle bluish tone
* Black or Brown Cross – White to glacial tone with either a black or brown striping on the tips of the guard hairs on the grutzen (The grutzen is the centre stripe down the back of the pelt)
* Blue Iris – Very deep grey/blue
* Sapphire – Silvery grey
* Cerulean – Light grey
* Azurene – Off-white with grey undertone 

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