Thursday, 13 June 2013

You've Just Gotta Love a Drop Waist...

Well would you look at our stunning new Gatsby inspired window?  However you feel about the film, and let me just say we know how the conversation starts, ‘Well I REALLY loved the book, bla bla bla, Maguire was miscast, style over substance etc.’  Baz Luhrmann’s interpretation aside, we just can’t help loving those roaring 20s!
Is it the glamour, the jazz or those wide-brimmed champagne glasses that hold nothing and spill everywhere?  No, it has to be those muffin-top concealing drop-waisted frocks that do it for us.  Throw one on for a summer wedding and not only will you be bang on trend but you can take full advantage of the free food and open bar.  Be it vintage or modern, Poiret or Topshop, we’ve got a bit of beading for every budget.  Visit our Grassmarket shop for a full selection of fringed frocks!

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