Monday, 7 May 2012

Armstrongs Street View X2

Charlotte Repton is taking a little nod to the 50s with this outfit! A student, Charlotte's favourite eras are the 50 & 60s. Her style Icon is Amanda Palmer. We love her red denim jacket!

Ella Fordyce takes her fashion cues from deathrock, and her favourite eras range from the70s-90s. Robert Smith is a style icon. We love purple hair with the neon greens!

Stuart Mcmaster is going classic 50s Americana here! He loves the 1920s, and a good cravat! The green and brown look great together.
Carina Letzas, a art student, is looking casual and cool here. We love her boots. Carina is inspired by fairytales, and loves all eras!


  1. I love this street style post, a fine snapshot of your sassy customers! x

  2. Very sassy and stylish lot, it has to be said (: X