Thursday, 3 May 2012

Pick Pocket Thursday!

Welcome to our new weekly feature, pick pocket Thursday! Every week, we'll bring you a picture of some of the fun, interesting and extraordinary things we find in the pockets of clothes. In the past, these have ranged from wedding speeches, money, false teeth, and theatre tickets. What will we find next?  You'll have to come back every week to find out!

 Today we found: 

A order form for Tom C. Saville Ltd, a fishing supply store still in business today. It dates from 1971 and was unfortunately never used!  We also found some matches (still two in the pack) made by John Player Special cigarettes. A hastily scribbled note of someone's address was also in the pocket.  It's always great to find a date on something in a pocket, and it certainly makes dating clothes easier!

These little pocket treasures give us a small glimpse into the jackets previous owner, and a interesting look at a 70s fishing supply order form!

Until next week pocket treasure hunters!

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