Thursday, 30 August 2012

Having your Cake and Eating It

Nowadays we can have it all.  Mod or punk chav or greebo, we can pick indiscriminately from different styles and eras safe in the knowledge that our clothes need not be tied up with our politics.  This stretches further than merely our wardrobes.  Take our homes, I love my 1950s curtains but I am not a vintage purist, I am not about to do away with my telly and my coffee machine any time soon.  I can categorise myself in other-words as being selectively nostalgic in my taste; I’ll have the 1950s frock without the 1950s sexism on the side!  This week I simultaneously happened upon these 1970s PVC pinnies at Armstrongs in The Grassmarket and this 1970s cookbook.
This combination required an unprecedented commitment to one era from me...this was the effect:
Not wanting to do away with 21st century culture all together and as a homage to season 3 of The Great British Bake Off, I decided that it was perfectly acceptable to use an electric fan assisted oven!

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