Monday, 3 September 2012

Double Up!

We are delighted to hear that the days of mix and match are out the window, and instead it's on trend to get a bit matchy matchy with your clothes! From skirts and tops, to jackets and dresses - layering up on the same pattern and fabric has never been more chic! Elle Magazine this month claimed that it's "not a trend for the faint-hearted", and I guess we'd have to agree but they definitely wooed us with this statement, "Think of it as a great 2-for-1 deal. Why buy a printed dress when you could wear the print in myriad permutations and combinations". How could we possibly resist such a bargain in style?  
    Lucky for you vintage lovers, we have a brilliant selection of twin sets available online just now! Everything from dress and jacket combos, to an genuine vintage 1950s Chanel Couture two piece.  

We even came across a photo of Coco wearing a nearly identical suit! 

It was in 1923 that Coco Chanel first introduced the two piece suit into her collection, before reintroducing the idea to her line in the early 1950s. It was then that she returned from exile, to Paris after the Second World War. 

Where the catwalk calls for bright patterns and colours, we found a few options that are slightly more tame, for those who can't face piling on the brocade! So why not inject a little vintage elegance into the latest trend? We've teamed up our skirt and jacket combo's with a lace blouse, and some pearls to finish off the look. But if that's a little too old school for your taste, why not add a simple t-shirt, and stack on a few necklaces to bring it up to date! Ooh the possibilities are endless, but we know one thing for sure - the two piece suit is as timeless a classic today, as it was when Coco Chanel wore it in the 50s! An investment piece you'll return to year after year! 

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