Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Kitchen Couture!

Whilst today we may not like the idea of conforming to the ways of your stereotypical 1950s housewife, there's one thing I certainly would like to take from them...

The Apron.

( a.k.a 'The Pinny'!)

Okay, the apron is undoubtedly a 'protective outer garment' with a functional purpose, but why does that have to stop us from looking fabulous in the kitchen?
Yes, a coat or jacket has a functional purpose, but it doesn't mean to say we will wear any old scruffy mac to keep us warm and dry... what if someone sees me? 

I for one have dived head first into the revival of the cupcake, and am not about to let a little flour and eggs ruin my original 1960s shift! So here we have it... the height of kitchen couture, the lovely, the stylish, the 'pinny'!!

We have a wide range of aprons available on our eBay store; see above for some ideas!

Until the next infliction of my opinion...

Erin xo

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