Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wax Works.

We, at Armstrongs eBay have donned our waterproof coats with pride this week, as the autumn rainstorms have well and truly arrived. And what better way to step out in style, than with a wax jacket?

Once upon a time, the wax jacket was reserved for farmers and country walkers. But no longer as the waxed cotton coat is now a statement of the urban wanderer.

Perfect for keeping you dry on those rainy autumn days...and how brilliant that it looks so good too! With so many variations readily available, the wax jacket will look good no matter what your style.

And it's probably worth mentioning that this jacket will not only see you through the wet and windy winter, but when we do eventually get through the breezy spring, this jacket will be just perfect for all your summer festival needs!

Becca xx.


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