Wednesday, 14 August 2013

In The Spotlight ... 80s Jumpsuits

Along with legwarmers, jewel coloured cycling shorts and pop skirts, 80s jumpsuits are now firmly back in fashion.  From the bright colours worn by Devo to the more earthy billowing  numbers worn by Kate Bush, the jumpsuit has been readopted and refashioned by designers such as Stella McCartney and is now back for a revival. 

Originally used by pilots and skydivers the early jumpsuit was a practical piece designed to insulate the body from cold at high altitude and provide enough freedom of movement.  The jumpsuits simple all-in-one design quickly made it a favourite garment for labourers, mechanics and engineers. The jumpsuit also found its place as an institutional uniform with its potential as a unisex garment able to accommodate a wide range of body shapes. Students in Sweden and Finland often wear colour coded jumpsuits according to their field of study at student parties and in Norway high school students wear jumpsuits for three weeks of May as part of the graduation ritual Russefeiring. 

Since the1960s the jumpsuit has resurfaced in fashion and was made famous by icons like Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger to become an 80s classic, later influencing the catsuits worn by Goldfrapp and Britney Spears. Visually stunning they have remained popular items worn on stage and contain futuristic connotations because of their appearance in science fiction. 

Coming in various colours, patterns and fabrics, Armstrongs has a range of 80s and 80s inspired classic jumpsuits. From the fun and playful to the power dressing and glamorous, the jumpsuit has been attractive to designers due to the unbroken line running from the neck to the feet and is flattering on many body shapes.  From designers like Joseph Ribkoff, a Canadian designer who’s been designing ladies fashion since 1957 to quirky modern high street interpretations there is a jumpsuit for all kinds of occasions so take a 80s vintage trip and check out our shops to find the perfect one for you!

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  1. The fit was what I expected for a size 12. I am pretty curvy and this really shows off a larger butt well. I highly recommend this dress and this company.