Thursday, 29 August 2013

Memoirs of a Jacket

We where swooning over this mysterious jacket when it arrived at our Clerk St shop last week. With its stunning Oriental silk and luxurious red velvet detailed with fringing and bold engraved buttons it's an absolute treat! There's also an extra helping of orange Paisley print lining just in case you weren't spoilt enough already.

However, like all great love affairs the garment had history...and we didn't know it!
Labelled 'McAnaraks Anaraks' a quick google brought us to Buttons by McAnaraks where we noticed the similarities in the buttons. It was soon confirmed by Fran Harkes that she made this Jacket in the early 90's from Vintage material sourced from Charity Shops finished with her distinctive fimo Button's...right in the Highlands of Scotland!

This is a fantastic collaboration of two adored trends, combining Oriental and Festival perfectly.
And best yet, you can get your hands on it here on our Ebay shop!

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